60 - 80 % of children are prone to dental caries and it is the most chronic disease of the childhood. Dental caries is the 2nd most common ailment after common cold in children. Poor oral hygiene reduces self-confidence and the person feels left out.

What is Dental Caries?

Dental caries is commonly known as tooth decay. It happens due to destruction of dental tissue by bacteria, thanks to food rich in sugars.

Dental caries is typically first seen as distinct white or yellow spot lesions.If the disease continues, caries can progress to cavities and lead to complete destruction of the tooth.

Sign and symptoms of dental caries

Tooth sensitivity to sweet
Hot or cold foods or drinks
Pain when chewing

Treatment for dental caries

Treatment depends on the severity of cavities. Currently, the treatment options are all invasive and you need to visit a dentist to get them done.

Root Canal
Tooth Extraction

The need of the hour is a preventive and a non-invasive option.

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