Introducing Nodecay™ - Care for caries

What is Nodecay™?

Nodecay™ is a child-friendly chewable tablet containing Delipidated Protein from Egg Yolk (Internationally known as IgY). Nodecay™ has delicious orange flavour, appealing to the taste buds of the children. Nodecay™ when chewed forms a film coating on the tooth enamel and locks the bacteria out. The protein is derived from egg yolk and is very well researched and studied across the globe. There are numerous clinical trails done that effectively establish Nodecay™ as an efficacious preventive solution for Dental Caries. Nodecay™ is not only efficacious but also has good safety profile*

Nodecay™ works like passive immunization and is an efficient method of preventing the progression of dental caries.

How Does Nodecay™ Work?

Nodecay™ provides passive immunization against Streptococcus mutans and prevents the progression of caries.

Dosage & Instruction

15 day course:
  • Patient is advised not to drink or eat anything atleast upto 1 hour after taking the chewable tablet.

* Nguyen et al, "Anti – cell associated glucosylytransferase immunoglobulin Y suppression of salivary mutans streptococci in healthy young adults” JADA 142 (8), 943 – 950, , August 2011

* Rahman et al, " Oral passive IgY-based immunotherapeutics”, Human Vaccines &Immunotherapeutics, Volume 9, Issue 5, 2012; 1039-1048

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